Window Treatment Ideas That Will Work for Any Home

window treatment ideasGiving your house a new look can be a fun activity you can indulge in. The possibilities are endless — you can rearrange or buy new furniture, you can have your walls repainted, you can add decorations that will highlight parts of your house or simply give it a personal touch, you can change the lighting to add a more dramatic look or you can come up with good window treatment ideas that you can use on your windows to enhance the room’s ambiance. If you choose to treat your windows, then you should find good window treatments that will complement your house’s look.

The following ideas might give you inspiration on how you will start with your project:

Window Valances

Window valances have long since become one of the most popular among decorators. Mostly used in Victorian design, they are often used to conceal drapery hardware. There are four types of window valances: balloon valances, swag valances, ascot valances and Italian valances.


Pelmets or cornice boards are decorative framework usually placed above window fixtures. Though it has a similar appearance to window valances, pelmets are made in fabric. Usually used to hide curtain rods, pelmets help insulate the room and prevent convection currents within the room. It is one of the window treatments that can be used to hide the flaws of the window’s architecture.

Window Blinds

Window blinds ease of use and functionality are great to enhance the look of your window. Window blinds are usually made of wood, metal or plastic that can be adjusted to block or let the light enter into your room. Its simplicity makes it one of the most commonly used window treatments in the household. There are different types of window blinds: Persian, Venetian, vertical, cellular, faux wood, plantation shutters and woven blinds. You can choose one that will be most suited to the setting of your home.


Curtains are perhaps the most popular yet understated window treatments when it comes to house decorating. Most people are not aware how much impact the curtains have on the overall look of the house. Everything from the color of curtains to the material it was made from to the patterns printed in the curtains will add a certain effect to a room.

Window Embellishments

Sometimes, window embellishments that add more detail to your windows can make a huge impact on the room’s ambiance. Tieback holders for example can help give your windows a more classic look. Using draperies or curtains that have tiny crystal embellishments add more glamour to your window. Try to find websites that offer window treatment ideas through the use of window embellishments.


The use of plants to decorate the window is the cheapest yet most effective among all window treatment ideas. A small detail like a tiny flower pot or a cactus placed on your windowsill can add a personal touch and a cozier feel to your home. What’s more, you do not have to spend lots of money just to give your window a fresh look.

Window treatment ideas can be found everywhere. You can browse magazines, catalogs and look for articles on the subject. You can visit an interior designer to help you if that’s in your budget. You can search the Internet by using “window treatments” as your keywords and look at images to give you some inspiration. Hopefully these ideas will set you on a path to making your home your own haven.