Choosing the Perfect Furniture for Your Dream Sunroom

sunroom furniture1A sunroom can be considered as a haven where people can escape and unwind without leaving home and bask in the rays of glorious sunlight. In order to fully accomplish its purpose, a sunroom, its design and furniture must allow a sufficient amount of sunlight inside the room. Sunroom furniture is constantly exposed to the elements such as heat and rain; they must be built from high-quality durable materials in order to withstand nature and the test of time. In selecting sunroom furniture, there are plenty of materials to choose from – the most popular ones include teak wood furniture, metal furniture, rattan furniture and abaca and sea grass. Each of these materials has their own unique characteristics, appeal and advantage.

Teak wood  is chosen primarily because of its sturdiness and low maintenance qualities. Teak wood is usually affordable and the wood’s natural texture is perfect when going after that cozy, homey look. To preserve the teak furniture’s rich color, one can apply conditioning oil to it. This prevents it from acquiring a silvery patina brought about by sun exposure. The wood must also be protected from moisture.

Wicker is another popular option picked mainly for its comfort. Reeds, willows and other plant materials are woven to create this lovely furniture that is suitable when trying to achieve a natural feel to the sunroom. Wicker requires regular cleaning, as they tend to develop molds when exposed to severe weather conditions; wicker furniture is a less recommended option for people living in areas with extremely cold temperature. Lounging in an airy, sophisticated wicker chair is sheer luxury; one must place extra care on choosing the right cushions to pair with wicker chairs. Wicker furniture is not just limited to chairs; there are also a number of wicker accessories that are available such as wall hangings and decorative baskets.

Rattan also possesses the same advantages and disadvantages as wicker furniture. The materials for rattan are usually imported from various parts of the globe such as Africa, Australia and Asia. The beauty of rattan furniture comes from its natural luster, flexibility and durability; it gives an authentic feel of the outdoors with a hint of class. Rattan can be made into sofas, chairs, tables and bars; choosing the right type of fabric for rattan sofas and chairs can help one build the theme for their sunroom. Care of rattan includes keeping it away from cold and moisture; this type furniture develops superficial cracks and tend to become brittle when exposed to extreme cold.

Metal is more ideal for those living in cold areas. Aluminum and wrought iron are guaranteed to last for many years. PVC coating helps control rust formation on the surface of metal furniture. If one wishes to stray from the conventional and seek more creative options, sea grass and abaca are also long lasting and yields an effortlessly chic, outdoorsy appeal. Understanding the different characteristic of sunroom furniture and the wide range of selections can help one choose the right foundations to build their dream sunroom.