How to Choose Faux Wood Blinds for your Home

faux wood blinds 4Faux wood blinds are currently the preferred choice for most homeowners today. This isn’t really surprising considering the many advantages over other types of blinds and even real wood for that matter. However, that doesn’t mean that any type would do. It is still important that homeowners carefully consider what type of  blinds they will be installing in their home. That being said, here are some tips on how to choose them for a home.

Size and Fittings

First off, be aware of how many blinds are needed. This means counting all the windows as well as taking accurate measurements of each. Brick and mortar window treatment companies should be able to provide free estimates and measurement of the blinds before suggesting possible choices for the homeowner.

Those who want a more extensive choice can opt to shop online for dozens of designs. In this case, it would be important for the homeowner to measure their windows themselves. The seller should be able to provide accurate instructions about how to measure their windows. Usually, this means starting from the nearest 1/8” and using the narrowest width and longest length. However, measurement instructions may vary from one online seller to another so pay close attention. Some companies provide custom size blinds although there is already an extensive collection of possible size options.

Color Choices

Faux wood blinds come in different wood colors, allowing homeowners to choose the best shade that they want for their home. They could opt for something light or perhaps something heavily brown, anyone of which could easily blend in the home. This is one of the reasons why these blinds are so popular. They are so easy to blend into any home decor style that the buyer wouldn’t have to worry about the end result.


One of the biggest advantages of these type of blinds is the fact that they’re much cheaper than real wood. That being said, it won’t be hard to find them within an individual’s budget. To play it safe though, try browsing the internet as much as possible before deciding on the best seller to purchase the product. Keep in mind that the trustworthiness of the seller is important here so look for an online store that already has ample feedback. Also take note of the type of warranty they offer. Of course, don’t forget to ask about additional services provided by the company such as delivery and installation of the item.

Choosing faux wood blinds for the home is not that tough. In fact, the hardest part would be the deliberation process considering there are so many designs available online. They are known for their durability and ease of use. This product is not only heat and water resistant but also provides excellent insulation for warm and cold weather. That being said, faux wood blinds when chosen correctly will always be an excellent addition for any home.