Curtains and Window Treatments – Things to Consider

curtains and window treatments 1If you have failed to install suitable curtains and window treatments, you just may be missing out on one of the best ways to create an instant focal point from an ordinary house feature. Window treatments are one of the easiest ways to add character to a room, not to mention that the added privacy it provides would be to your advantage as well. Here are some things to consider in your search for suitable window treatments.

The Window

Make accurate measurements before you go online shopping and consider the type and shape of your window. Is it a double hung? Is it a casement or a bay window? Keep in mind that not every treatment works for all. Some styles would look better in a particular window type, as in the case of valances with shirred café style curtains for double hung kitchen windows.

The Room

You should also consider the theme and the tone of the room to create harmony. An excellent window treatment should incorporate the elements of design in the room. Choose window treatment options that would agree with the room’s color scheme. Simple details like upholstery patterns should also be considered, especially if the upholstered furniture is a prominent part of the room as well.


Color dictates the overall ‘feel’ of the room. Bright colors make for equally sunny nooks while dark colors may be more formal and subdued. Your choice would depend on the style, as well as the ambience you want for the room.


Curtains and window treatments have varying translucence. Your choice should meet your energy efficiency, light and privacy needs. Sheer treatments would allow for more light, but not so much radiant heat. Valances would allow the later, but would result to a privacy issue. Heavy drapery may look too formal, but they can add coziness and at certain setups, can provide better insulation. It is important to consider and strike a balance between all those factors.

Privacy and Light Requirements

In choosing curtains and window treatments, these are considered as well. Your choice should depend on the nature of the room, as well as the setting. Kitchen areas typically need a lot of natural light. If you are living in the city where neighbors live in close range, you may need to compromise to have more privacy and reduced light. If you are living in a wooded rural area where the neighbor or the driveway is acres away, more light is generally better.

Energy Efficiency

Aside from the electricity bill cost reduction you may get from the reduced usage of artificial light, you may also cut on from heating and air-conditioning, thanks to the role that windows play in retaining heat. Some window treatments, such as shutters provide good insulation, while some are sheer enough to allow heat and provide more radiant heat. Some are also heavy enough to keep the room glare-free and cozy during summer.

Rolling Mechanism

Some curtains and window treatments such as blinds may require cords for its operation. You need to manually work on those cords. Nowadays, there are lifting systems that takes that burden away, allowing you to control settings with the press of a button. If there are kids and pets in the house, dangling cords may pose a problem and going cordless with motorization may be the way to go.