Bay Window Treatments: What You Need

bay window treatmentsA bay window is that part of the house that creates sitting space or as an extension of the house. It illuminates the room where it is situated that allows more sunlight to flow and gives full view of the outside. It is only fitting to give it some bay window treatments. To give it a fashionable look, hang some curtains and draperies, put additional curtain rods if needed for an added effect. Choosing curtains and draperies by style and color can be hard as you need to consider the theme of the room to match the furniture and decorations. Also, you have to include other windows to match the bay window. Treatments like curtains, draperies, shutters and shades do not only look fashionable but also give you some privacy.

Speaking of privacy, the treatments that you can consider are shades and shutters; they are also useful in reducing the amount of sunlight entering the house. Roll ups would be better because you can roll it up or down halfway. Bamboo or wood blinds are also good for simplicity if your bay window has decorative casements or moldings. Shades are another solution you can consider. Roman shades would be ideal and can be mounted outside the window on top of its casing.  Use valances or cornices to cover the curtain rods that hold the curtains and draperies and to add drama to your window.

You can install a window seat by your bay window and add window seat cushions. A cozy place where you can sit to read, listen to music, enjoy the sun or have breakfast while watching the view outside. There are many possibilities for peaceful and relaxing moments to be had. In looking for bay window treatments, you should consider where your window is situated. Bay windows are not only built in the living room, some are built in bedrooms or even in the kitchen. If you have these windows in all parts of the house, then you have a lot to consider when choosing the right window treatments. You would have to consider functionality, the theme of the room, color, and style.

The living room and the dining area would really require more attention when it comes to deciding on bay window treatments. These parts of the house are usually the ones that people get to see often. And if you’re thinking that window treatments cost a fortune, you’ll be pleased to know that it only takes creativity and resourcefulness to have what you want for your bay windows. There are cheap curtains, draperies, shutters and shades that you will find if you just know where to look. Instead of hiring someone to do the work of deciding your window treatment needs, you can do it yourself. You can get some ideas online and find websites that offer good deals to find the right look for you and your budget. You want your window treatments to be a perfect complement to your bay windows and the rest of your house, and be reflective of your style and taste.