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Welcome to the Cedarwood & Sage Apothecary.

Hi! I am Sue Nelson! Both passionate essential oil enthusiasts, my husband Mike and I live in rural Western Missouri (not too far from KC, though!).

Our oil journey began with our dog.  Cruz has high anxiety and our dog trainer recommended Young Living’s T-Away to diffuse and help calm him.  My dear and long-time friend, Dani, has been living the oily life for a few years so I reached out to her to order T-Away, Lavender and Peppermint essential oils.

I was going through chemotherapy, at the time, and had read that Peppermint essential oil worked well for nausea (unfortunately, a side effect that was plaguing me).

We were amazed at how well the diffused T-Away worked to calm Cruz during storms and fireworks and how quickly it abated my chemo-related nausea. 

The researcher in me started to learn all I could about the power of essential oils.  I was hooked.  God created these plants for us to use for healing, wellness, emotions and so much more.  I didn’t need to have a small pharmacy with prescription drugs.  I just needed more oils!

I joined Young Living, at first, just to grab the sweet discount of 24%, but soon was off making mask sprays, wood cleaners and body scrubs for gifts and started to share my passion for oils with others.

Mike and I are both active Young Living members and enjoy the learning, wellness benefits and community that we have found with this amazing company.

I’m also a daughter of the One True King, my Lord and Savior and author of three books for Christian women, a speaker and own an online ministry, Woman of Noble Character.

I am currently a Certified Aromatherapist and Essential Oil Specialist Certifications through Aromahead Institute and am working on my graduate studies.

In addition, I am a member of NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists) and IFPA (Interational Federation of Professional Aromatherapists) and teach as a staff instructor at Johnson County Community College as well as some local Community Ed programs.

We are currently adding to this page to stay tuned in the next couple of days as we relocate posts from the old Apothecary page.

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