Let’s face it…we are women and we enjoy pretty things.

I (Diane) love makeup! I am an esthetician and I trained in makeup artistry with Lancôme and I love experimenting with color theory and style and it is just so much fun for me!

I also love fashion! I love putting different outfits together and finding the right accessories. I even wanted to do fashion design!

I love this not because I feel I NEED it to feel confident about myself but much in the same way people like to draw or color or garden or do crafts. It is a creative, fun outlet for me.

We are all beautiful inside and out and makeup should be enjoyable and not used because you feel you’re not good enough as you are, because you are!

So for those of you who love caring for your skin, or love makeup, fashion and accessories for the enjoyment of it (and skincare for the health of it), then this is your page!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I LOVE writing about it!