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Make Bubble Tea at Home – Boba Recipe Roundup

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I am such a HUGE fan of Boba or “Bubble Tea”. It is a Taiwanese drink that is made with tea, sweetened milk, flavorings, and tapioca “pearls” or boba. A”boba” recipe may include a wide variety of chunky beverages — such as iced tea with tapioca pearls or fresh juice packed with fruity bits — or the black tapioca pearls themselves. Bubble Tea and Boba have come to mean the same thing with different varieties.

To say I love it is an understatement. However, it can be difficult to find and it CAN be expensive.

I decided I wanted to make some boba at home so that I could indulge at any time.

I have asked some of my favorite food bloggers for some amazing boba recipes and they came through!

So I will share with you these this recipe roundup with 10 amazing ways you can make bubble tea at home anytime (including ice cream)!

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I will share with you this boba recipe roundup of 10 amazing ways you can make bubble tea at home anytime #boba #bubbletea Click To Tweet

Where Can You Find Boba Pearls?

The fastest way to find the tapioca pearls that go into making a boba recipe is to go to an Asian market.

If you don’t have one nearby, you can see if there is a specialty tea shop near you that has them or you can order them online.

Amazon has a variety of them in different flavors.

Walmart online also has them available.

You can even get popping boba for extra fun!

And…if you are adventurous…you can even make your own and one of our recipes tells you just how to do that!

10 Amazing Bubble Tea Recipes

So let’s get to the recipes! Thank you to all our amazing food blogger friends for contributing their recipes!

Recipes to Make Bubble Tea at Home

So Grab Yourself a Boba

If you have never tried boba and you have a place near you where you can grab one, give it a try! If you are already a fan of bubble tea, I hope these recipes will give you a way to satisfy your boba cravings (mine always come at the worst times!) right at home!

Let me know what your favorite flavor is and, if you tried it for the first time, let me know how you like boba!

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