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Your Breakfast Routine: 4 Tips to Help You Save Time

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We’ve heard it since childhood: “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” For many of us, this is true. But there is a difference between starting your day with a healthy breakfast, an unhealthy breakfast and no breakfast at all and it can be quite startling. And if you have little time in the morning, your breakfast routine may consist of you settling for an unhealthy option or no breakfast at all.

If you feel like you don’t have enough time, these tips will help you save your time on breakfast.

The morning rush and the chaos that comes along with it sometimes makes it easy to just walk out the door without eating or to just grab some packaged donuts to feed the kids. Eating a healthy meal in the morning can do wonders for optimizing our performance for school or work. But who has time to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning? Not many of us, but we can save some valuable time and still have a healthy meal by following these simple tips.

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These 4 Tips Will Help You Save Time on Breakfast 

If your breakfast time creates stress in your home and with your family, don’t worry. It can get better! These tips will help you save time on breakfast:

If your breakfast time creates stress in your home and with your family, don’t worry. It can get better! These tips will help you save time on breakfast Click To Tweet

Meal Prep

If you don’t prep your meals already, now is a great time to start.

Meal prepping turns your breakfast routine from a long process into a short one because you can easily just grab a pre-made meal and go!

Breakfasts like egg bites, muffins, protein pancakes, and overnight oats are all great for meal prepping.

In our home, we LOVE breakfast burritos. You can make this up ahead of time, pop them in the oven while you are finishing up your last few tasks before leaving, then take them out, wrap them in tin foil and take them to work with you. They will still be hot when you get there!

This was my go-to home cooked breakfast when I worked for a major pharma company. I would grab a coffee in the building on my way up to my office and then sit at my desk and enjoy my burrito while I checked email or reviewed my meeting calendar.

There are so many variations you can make too. Its a great way to start your day and only takes a few minutes. Just plan ahead and cook all the meats ahead of time.

You don’t need to prepare your whole day’s worth of food in one sitting. Prepare only what you will use for the next few days and store the the rest in ziploc bags or airtight containers. You can get a pack of Stasher containers and they will last years!

You may love oatmeal, but you probably don’t enjoy making it. An overnight oats recipe is quick and easy and you can make up a whole week’s worth of it ahead of time and just grab a jar in the morning before you head out.

Overnight oats is simply oatmeal, some type of milk (like almond, soy, or cow’s), some fruit and optional add-ins like nuts or chia seeds mixed together in a container and refrigerated overnight. In the morning you can enjoy it cold or microwave for a quick breakfast.

Mornings are hectic, but if you spend some time meal prepping on the weekend, cooking meats and making up some simple recipes like overnight oats, you will save yourself valuable morning time and still have a healthy meal! It is definitely worth spending your Saturday morning preparing breakfasts for the next few days.

Which leads me to the next tip…

Plan The Night Before

Even the simplest things can save you time in the mornings. If you plan to make pancakes in the morning, get the griddle out and ready. If you are going to make smoothies, have the blender on the counter and ready to blend. 

Know exactly what everyone wants and have the ingredients ready to go.

I like to use a bin in my fridge where you can just pop in all the ingredients, then just pull the whole bin out and put it on the counter. Same with the freezer.

Have the kids get involved too by choosing what they want before bed and getting it in the bin for the morning.

Simple planning the night before can save so much time on your breakfast routine. This will not only become a nightly routine but will greatly aid your breakfast routine too.

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Efficient Kitchen and Eating Area

If you don’t have an efficient kitchen and eating area, wasting time in the mornings is inevitable. If your countertop is filled with tons of clutter and dirty dishes, you will waste precious minutes looking for a clean plate or pan.

I make it a rule in our house that the kitchen is closed when I go to bed. I do one finally cleaning of the kitchen, making sure everything is in its place, dirty dishes are either washed or in the dishwasher, and then I vacuum my floor.

When I wake up, I am waking up to the same room I went to bed with. If I don’t do this, I will have teens foraging through the night and leaving crumbs, doors open, empty containers in the pantry and dirty knives with cream cheese on them in the sink (I have a bagel fanatic in my house…you can take the kid from NY but you can’t take NY out of the kid!)

So keeping your kitchen organized and ready to go in the morning will save you time (and stress!).

Choose Simple Meals

Weekday mornings are not the ideal time for a large, complicated breakfast. Quick, simple breakfasts are the way to go to save time and energy on busy mornings. These types of meals can include egg bites, muffins, whole grain cereal with fruit, etc. 

Choose foods that don’t require cooking if possible. Cold cereal with milk and fruit is a great, easy breakfast that everyone can eat without taking up too much time or being messy.

Planning your breakfast routine ahead and cooking a few days worth of breakfast meats the night before is a great way to cut down on morning prep time as well!

Make sure to remember that just because you are short on time, you don’t need to eat an unhealthy breakfast. Just remember that the healthiest breakfast routine includes one or all of the following: healthy carbs, rich fiber and/or rich, and healthy fats.  

Let us know any ideas you have found that work to provide your family with quick, easy and healthy breakfasts on the go! Share in the comments!

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