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53 Mouth Watering Easy Dinner Recipes For Two

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So the kids have moved out and it’s just you and hubby. Where you used to cook for an army, now, even a standard recipe leaves tons of leftovers. While there are tons of great ideas for using leftovers, sometimes you just want a simple recipe for two. We’ve got you covered!  We’ve curated an incredible list of easy dinner recipes for two!  

From dinners for two to small batch recipes, we have lots of great options for you for a special night or a weeknight meal. Read on to get these fabulous recipes curated from some of the top food blogs on the internet! (If you like these, you’ll love our posts on desserts for two!)

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Easy Dinner Recipes for Two

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Looking for steak or ribeye?  Got it.  Seafood such as delicious scallop recipes?  Covered. Dinner for two with an Asian flair? Yep, got that, too.  Even soups and curries that make easy dinner recipes for two.  It’s here.

Restaurant quality but easy enough to make at home for just two people without tons of leftovers that might get thrown away. Do you end up with UFOs (unidentified food objects) in your fridge?  You know, the leftovers you meant to eat for lunch, but end up throwing away because you can no longer identify what it is after it’s been in the fridge too long?

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So with no further ado, lets get to these easy dinner recipes! All the pictures and descriptions are credited to the blog who so generously offered their recipes to us for this post!

Which easy dinner recipes for two can’t you wait to try?

53 Mouth Watering Easy Recipes When Cooking For Two

53 easy dinner recipes for two. Keep this list handy when creating your meal plan. Perfect for empty nesters, date nights or double them as have a scrumptious family meal.


Want to top that delicious dinner of with dessert? You’ll love our curated list of dessert recipes for two.

Looking for more easy dinners for two?  Here are our top recommendations for cookbooks perfect for those couples meals:

Cooking for Two - Dinner Just for Two Cookbook

Cooking for Two - DInner for Two Cookbook

Cooking for Two Cookbook

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