32 Oily Hacks for Home and Wellness

Park Hill District Office 7703 NW Barry Road, Kansas City, Missouri

What better way to learn about essential oils and how they can add value to our lives every day than through oily hacks! With 32 oily hacks, we will cover DIYs and hacks like room sprays, beauty regimens, cooking in the kitchen, and household cleaning just to name a few! We’ll even create a blend...


Aromatherapy 101

Independence School District - Truman HS, 3301 S. Noland Rd. Truman HS, 3301 S. Noland Rd., Independence, Missouri

This course will provide students an overview of what aromatherapy is and simple ways to incorporate it into your life for improved wellness. Students will learn how plants are distilled into oils, methods of aromatherapy and how to use the most popular essential oils. Participants will take home an aromatic foot scrub. Learn more and register...


DIY Perfumes and Colognes

Learn the art of blending oils to make a delicious perfume or cologne. You will learn which scents (notes) will be smelled first, in the middle, or linger on to the very end so you can feel confident in making your own signature fragrance. Included are simple recipes to make it easy to switch from...

Holiday Gift Giving

You will be inspired to create affordable gift bundles using premade Young Living products or whip up your own homemade gifts using the DIY recipes. Register for free here.