Featured Free Weekly Cleaning Checklists to Keep Your Home in Top Shape

Free Weekly Cleaning Checklists to Keep Your Home in Top Shape

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Weekly Cleaning Checklist – YAY! So, I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to cleaning. My family jokes about it. No, my house isn’t always sparkly clean (I do have a dog and four cats), but I am rather particular about cleanliness in my home. I think most people are, but my personality needs a tidy house. I can’t stand messes at all – it literally makes me crazy to have clutter around.

I’m that person cleaning off the restaurant table before I sit down for a meal. And heaven forbid we have company and my house is out of order! If there is something amiss in the home, I notice it immediately and want to resolve it right then and there (my husband will tell you, sometimes this can be a very quick process, but many times it can take hours).

Having a cluttered and/or dirty home can have a major impact on your health – and science can prove it.

I’ve been using a checklist lately to help me stay on track with cleaning and organizing, and thought others might enjoy the list as well. I use this list for my own personal reference, but I do make copies of it every week and share with family or anyone who will be in my home.

I’m also obsessive when it comes to lists and organization. Put those together and it creates the perfect opportunity for me to share my free weekly cleaning checklists with you.

Image of woman overwhelmed with cleaning her home with text overlay Free Weekly Cleaning Checklists to Keep Your Home in Top Shape

Using a weekly cleaning checklist is a great way to stay on top of chores and keep from forgetting those little tasks that never seem high priority until you have guests coming over. Avoid the chaos of not knowing what to do when and enjoy these checklists.

Most of the chores on the chart are things you would need to do weekly to keep up on the cleaning. We’ll soon be sharing a monthly cleaning checklist which will cover most of the bigger jobs that don’t need to be done as often, but you’ll still want to keep on top of them.

I hope these weekly cleaning checklists can help you as much as they’ve helped me! If you ever have a chance, send me a picture or a quick story about how you used my checklists, I’d love to share it with everyone.

I have two checklists for you to choose from: one with the daily tasks listed and the other blank for you to customize your own weekly cleaning checklist.

Weekly cleaning checklists are a great way to get organized and stay that way. While I’m sure you have many of the same tasks to accomplish each week, sometimes it just helps to see everything together in one place to avoid the looming, “I can’t remember everything…what was I supposed to do today?” feeling.

If you aren’t much of a list person, these checklists may not be for you, but if lists motivate (like they do me), you might find this weekly cleaning checklist helpful!

The second of the weekly cleaning checklists is blank. On it, you’ll find the days of the week with blank spaces for you to write down the weekly cleaning checklist tasks on the days that work best for you. This one is much more flexible than the first as it can be customized to fit your needs, your home and your schedule. For example, I have more free time to clean on Fridays and Saturdays than during the week, so my weekly cleaning schedule will have more tasks on those days. Your schedule may be more open on Mondays, so you can add more tasks to that day.

If you prefer a daily checklist, you can use the blank one provided and modify it for your needs.

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Diane’s Experience With a Weekly Cleaning Checklist

So while Sue is “particular” about cleaning, I wasn’t always. It wasn’t until recent years that clutter began to stress me out.

I was a VERY messy teen and I didn’t get much better in my early adult years. As a young mom, I found cleaning to be difficult and no one ever taught me to do it properly.

Then a mess would build up and then the overwhelm took over. You know that feeling? You look at a messy room and don’t even know where to start? Yeah, that was me.

I am not a list person like Sue is. I am a “fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl” (yes that was a Pretty Woman quote).

But I found that my aversion to lists and my aversion to dealing with clutter was creating a monster I would soon lose control over. So I learned that dividing up cleaning tasks by room and by day (and even portions of rooms) helped me get control of the clutter.

For instance, fridge cleaning day was Monday because that was also the night garbage and recycling went out so it was the perfect opportunity to dispose of anything that was expired or leftovers that were placed in there with the best of intentions but work schedules and so on got in the way.

Having a weekly cleaning checklist can help you break down the tasks of cleaning and avoid the stress that comes with tackling one BIG mess and it helps you stay on top of it each week so that it never gets out of control.

Sue has created these checklists with this in mind! Keeping the clutter at bay to begin with helps you avoid the clutter beast later on.

So be sure to grab your cleaning checklists (and definitely make use of the blank weekly cleaning checklist for things that you may have on your property in addition to a house, like for us…we had barns too).

Your house and your stress levels will thank you!

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