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Game Day Menu – 45 Top Appetizer Recipes For the Big Game

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Having a houseful for the Sunday game? In our house, football season is HUGE! We love watching our favorite team play (shh..we’re Pats fans!) and we love having friends over for the game even more! It doesn’t have to be Super Bowl Sunday to have a party but what do you serve for your game day menu?

Well, appetizers are big for the Sunday game so we reached out to some top food bloggers and they shared 45 appetizer recipes that are super easy to make. Good thing too because as good as these are, you may need to whip up more in a hurry!

So huddle up and read on for these 45 top appetizer recipes for your game day menu!

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On Our Game Day Menu, Apps Are Everything!

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When watching the game, apps are great because they are easy to manage on a plate and they allow you to sample different foods.

You could make a big meal but that’s a lot of work for you if you have a large group of people since people have different likes and dislikes. Some people may have food allergies and some may be on special diets. So you would have to make a large amount of different foods to satisfy everyone.

With apps, you can offer your guests a wide variety of finger foods, wings, and dips that will fill them up without having to worry about someone leaving hungry because they didn’t like a certain meal.

So let’s dig into these great recipes that will have you spiking the ball as you win the app game with your guests!

Speaking of apps, a charcuterie board makes for a perfect snack for your guests!

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45 Top Appetizer Recipes For Your Game Day Menu

We hope you enjoyed these game day menu options that you can make for your next football get-together!

Did you try any of these recipes? Let us know which was your favorite!

And be sure to grab your free guide to the perfect charcuterie board below!

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