A lot of people want to decorate their homes or apartments but maybe feel that they could use a little help or some simple hacks to make home decor and design easier.

Some want a minimalist, modern look, while others have a more eclectic taste. The key is figuring out what you like and then bringing that style into your home through the use of color, lighting, furniture and accessories.

Both of us (Sue & Diane) both trained in Interior Design and we love everything associated with designing a space, whether small or large.

This page will feature articles that will help give you some tips for designing your home in whichever way suits you best!

We will be exploring some of the best places to find furniture online that are affordable that you can have shipped to you so that you can spend more time making your living space look amazing. No need to worry about getting up off the couch or spending hours driving around town – we’ll have it all right here waiting for you!

Do you live in a small space? Do you want to make your home feel bigger without breaking the bank? Do you want some ideas for a welcoming and hospitable guest room? Maybe you need help decorating for the holidays!

We’ll some tips for designing those smaller spaces. From choosing furniture that will have more than one use, to color choices, and even decorating with plants, we cover it all!

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