Spiritual growth and prayer in the life of a woman is vital! As women of God, we need to always be growing in our faith and that comes through Bible study and prayer and fellowship with other women.

We all want to be the best wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, businesswomen we can be, but putting God first in our lives is the key to having a family, a home and yes…even YOU as a woman, under the covering of God and ensuring His Word is what drives us forward and keeps us on a balanced path.

The world has so much that vies for our attention and it can be easy to allow busy schedules, kids’ activities and every day responsibilities to keep us from making the first thing the first thing and that should be spending time with the Lord every day.

Even if you only have a few moments in your car, use that to pray. Even if you only have time in the morning over your coffee, read a verse that you can commit to memory.

Your spiritual growth is what will help your family be the family that follows God and His Word all through their lives and makes your home a haven and a place where God’s presence if felt by all who enter in.

So in those moments when you have time to sit during lunch or before bed, visit one of these articles on spiritual growth and prayer and we pray that you will find the encouragement you need and that they will be a blessing to you.

We hope these articles will help you on your faith journey!

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