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7 Amazing Tips for Traveling With Family

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Traveling with family can be stressful – but it’s also one of the family activities that brings everyone together and enables you to spend quality time with each other away from the responsibilities of work and home. 

In particular, when it comes to traveling with kids, having some practical tips in your arsenal can help make the trip much more successful and fun for your loved ones as well. By reducing the stress of making sure everything is in place, you can also relax more and enjoy the time with your family.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about some amazing tips for traveling with family that will make the trip less daunting for you so you can make some amazing memories you will always cherish!

A family on a beach vacation for a post called 7 Amazing Tips for Traveling With Family

1. Involve EVERYONE in Planning the Trip

Traveling with kids can be much more enjoyable when you allow them to help plan the trip as well and get them excited from the very start. That way, kids can get invested in the various activities planned and also help you out a ton if you are stuck when making some choices. 

Also, most adults enjoy traveling much more when they get to participate in the planning and decision-making process as well. Getting everyone’s input is not only respectful of other adults who will be going on the trip but will avoid disputes later on because someone didn’t get to do something they wanted to OR someone piping up at the last minute with a suggestion that throws a monkey wrench into the whole planning process.

We are going to talk about some amazing tips for traveling with family that will make the trip less daunting for you so you can make some amazing memories you will always cherish! Click To Tweet

2. Make All the Necessary Reservations in Advance

While traveling with family, visiting random places without any planning and organization might not give you the results that you expected (or get you there at all).

Also without planning and reserving activities or accommodations in advance, it could be a complete nightmare when you have kids coming along with you and they’ve gotten their hopes up about doing something only to be told later that you have to scrap that part of the plan. 

You will make life much easier by making sure everything you need, from hotels to cars to tickets to parks, etc., is reserved and/or paid for in advance. It gives you the chance to relax and concentrate on packing and getting excited for the trip with your family. Plus you also save everyone involved the trouble of having to roam around in an unknown city looking for a place to stay or a rental car. 

Use a Travel Agent

To ensure you have everything you do need, hire a travel agent.

With the advent of online self-booking sites, many people think travel agents are no longer a “thing”. Well, as a former travel agent I can tell you that is 100% incorrect.

Using a travel agent is not only usually free for you the client (they get paid by the resort, cruise line, etc), BUT they can be invaluable if you run into a sticky situation while on your trip. One call to them can help you get things sorted out fast.

A travel agent will also keep you on task when booking cruises and trips like Disney. They will let you know what you need to do by a certain date to ensure you have things reserved and will make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

Lots of people forget things like passports on cruises and so on so your agent will be such a helpful resource to keep you organized and be sure you don’t forget anything!

3. Research the Amenities and Extras That Are Available at Your Destination

Packing too much can be an issue, especially when flying. You could also struggle a lot to keep track of the kids and everyone with you while you are trying to manage tons of luggage through crowds and packed airports. 

Fortunately, most hotels and resorts these days already provide many necessities like baby essentials, sanitation essentials, basic food and snack items, etc.

You should research your accommodations in advance as well as stores and amenities available around your destination. That way, you can pack a little lighter and just get what you need later at your destination. It saves you the hassle of packing too much and carrying heavy bags around while traveling with kids. 

4. Destination, Destination, Destination

You’ve heard the saying “location, location, location”? Well in travel it is all about destination, destination, destination!

The destination that you go to matters the most – especially while traveling with family. You cannot just pick a random spot that you want to go to without thinking twice about the entire family. This is one of the most important, if not THE most important, decisions that you have to make!

If you are traveling with kids, ensure that the place you visit has activities and attractions that kids will also be excited to visit. Pick a spot that will be comfortable for everyone that is coming along with you and offers something for each of them.

If you’re planning a Disney vacation, it is tons of fun but a LOT of walking. Take this into consideration if you have toddlers or if you are traveling with older members of your family who might not be able to handle a lot of walking time. They do have scooters and strollers available so see about making those arrangements so that everyone will enjoy the park.

Plan any character experiences WELL ahead. You may be able to get seating at a restaurant in Disney that has character experiences but you may not if you just show up. So reserve these meals well in advance. They are very popular and do tend to fill up.

Also, both Disney parks in the US are in warm to hot climates so plan accordingly. If traveling to Disney World, you may find an inexpensive vacation package in July but keep the Florida summer temps in mind when choosing a date!

It might take some time to find the right destination, but this will be totally worth it once you hit the road! 

5. Don’t Hesitate to Slow Down a Little at Times During the Trip

While traveling with family, we often think it’s necessary to keep moving every moment while you are on your trip and taking breaks to rest are going to make people bored really quickly. In reality, slowing down and resting up is also an essential factor in making any trip successful. 

Plan some down time so that everyone can relax after being in the vehicle for a long time or spending a long day at an amusement park. This gives you the time to get ready and allows everyone to gain back some energy for the next adventure. It goes a LONG way toward avoiding cranky kids as well.

So make it a point to keep a few hours or even a day or two free (if your trip is a really long one) so you can relax and enjoy the trip more.

If you have a really long flight after a long vacation, maybe set aside one day beforehand to rest up so that you’re not dealing with overtired kids (or adults) on a plane.

6. Be Prepared Keep Kids Entertained During Hotel Stays and Long Car or Plane Rides 

Kids can not only be especially fussy if they’re tired but also when they have nothing to do for long hours on a plane or in the car. It’s essential that you bring along some activities or some other things to keep them entertained.

You will also want activities they can do if your trip involves outdoor activities and you end up with a rainy portion of the day.

This is why advanced planning really comes in handy. You can plan your trip in such a way that you have alternate plans if rain interferes with your itinerary and also plan for things the kids can do if the trip involves long periods of travel.

These activities or games can keep kids occupied so they don’t complain for hours or ask “are we there yet” a hundred times before you’ve even left your own state (you know how I know that??).

Traveling with kids (and some fussy adults) can very quickly become stressful if you don’t bring along some things to keep them busy during the trip. So make sure to take some games or fun activities that you guys can play together to avoid boredom.

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7. Just Have Fun!

Of course, while planning for traveling with your family is important in order to make sure everyone is comfortable and enjoys the trip to the fullest, you also have to ensure that you take in every moment and enjoy it as much as possible!

It sounds so obvious but for women, it isn’t something we always think about. We need to make sure WE relax and have fun too.

Be sure to let yourself go with the flow a little – if something gets cancelled at the last minute, it’s okay to just stop worrying about it and allow yourself to just find other options to make the trip successful.

Just remember that the main reason for traveling with family is making memories that last forever and to have fun. You can’t do that if you are stressing out about making sure everyone BUT you is having a good trip. So take a breather, pack your bags, and spend time with your loved ones without worries!

Traveling with family doesn’t need to be as stress-inducing as some people make it seem. It can be simple, fun, and memorable with just the right amount of preparation and planning. 

In this article, we talked about some tips that you should keep in mind while traveling with kids or traveling with your extended family that can make things easier and less stressful for you.

We hope that these tips help you plan your next trip with ease and make some memories!

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